‘Islamic Authority and Leadership in Eurasia: A Historical and Comparative Analysis’ The project explores the correlation between Islamic authority and leadership in Muslim Eurasia against the background of the major ideological, political and cultural global changes triggered by the end of the Cold War, the re-integration of former USSR https://chiefessays.net/ Muslims into the world ummah (the Islamic community) and the advancing role of social media. The project is of collaborative and comparative nature and its foci are Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Volga-Urals region.

‘The Quest for Identity and Belonging: An Ethnographic Account of Georgian Turkish Associations’

The project seeks to understand the role of Georgian Turkish associations in the formation of identity amongst citizens of Georgian descent in Turkey. The project focuses on the role of the state, and citizens’ concern of being misunderstood (in the context of possible state repressions), as well as on how ‘ancestral culture’ and religion influence the ethnic group’s associational activities and their multiple identities. The project uses an inductive, ethnographic approach, using participant observation and in-depth interviews as the main method of data collection.