Galina M.Yemelianova


Galina M. Yemelianova is Director and founder of the Centre for Eurasian Perspectives (CEAP). For over three decades she has researched history and Islam-related   contemporary politics in the Middle East and Eurasia. She has taught at the Institute of Asian and African Studies (IAAS) of Moscow State University and the Centre of Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (CREES) at the University of Birmingham, UK. She conducted 14 externally-funded international research projects on various ethno-national and religious phenomena across Eurasia.

She is the author/editor of seven books,  including  Yemen under the Ottoman Rule in 1538-1635 (Moscow: Nauka, 1988); Russia and Islam: A Historical Survey (London: Palgrave 2002), Islam in post-Soviet Russia (London: Routledge 2003),  Radical Islam in the former Soviet Union (London: Routledge, 2010); Many Faces of the Caucasus (London: Routledge, 2014); Muslims of Central Asia: An Introduction (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming in 2019) and The Routledge Handbook of the Caucasus (London: Routledge, forthcoming in 2019).

She obtained a first-class degree and MA with distinction in Arabic and Middle Eastern History from IAAS, from which she also holds a Doctorate in Middle Eastern History. As well as Russian and English, she is fluent in Arabic and has a working knowledge of Turkish, Kazakh and French. Dr Yemelianova is an Editor of Caucasus Survey (peer-reviewed, London), a member of the editorial board of Europe-Asia Studies (peer-reviewed, Glasgow) and Oriens (peer-reviewed, Moscow) and a member of the Radio Free/ Radio Liberty podcast weekly expert group on Central Asia.

Her expertise covers: Islam, Islamic radicalism, jihadism and ethno-politics in Muslim Eurasia.

Veysel Erdemli 

CEAP Research Coordinator

Veysel Erdemli holds a PhD degree in Political Science and International Studies from the University of Birmingham, UK.  His PhD research is centred on the role of Turkish Georgian associations in the formation of identity amongst citizens of Georgian descent in Turkey.  He obtained a Master’s Degree with distinction in education from Marmara University and a postgraduate diploma from SOAS, University of London, in the media and cultural studies. Mr Erdemli has conducted extensive empirical research on issues related to migration, diaspora, identity formation, development and ethnic associations in Turkey, Georgia and the UK. He  is a skilled project leader and has been involved in local and international projects, including   Erasmus+ training programmes on conflict transformation and developing responsibility in Belgium and the UK. 

Veysel’s wider expertise   includes:   identity and diaspora politics in the Caucasus and Turkey.