CEAP gathers together experts on and from Muslim Russia,  the Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan 

North Caucasus

Akhmet A. Yarlykapov

Akhmet A. Yarlykapov is Senior Researcher at the Centre for Caucasian Studies and Regional Security at Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO).

Area of expertise: Islam and Christianity, Islamic radicalism, ethno-politics

John Colarusso

John Colarusso is Professor of Anthropology at MacMaster University, Ontario.

Areas of expertise: languages and mythology of the Caucasus

Svetlana Akkieva 

Svetlana I. Akkieva is Professor of History at the Institute for Humanities of Kabardino-Balkariia

Area of expertise: history, ethno-nationalism, ethnic minorities, diaspora politics, youth politics, Meskhetian Turks

 South Caucasus

Laurence Broers

Laurence Broers is political scientist and analyst, SOAS, London.

Area of expertise: conflict resolution, peace-building, democratisation, human rights.

Azer Hasret

Azer Hasret is political analyst, Baku, Azerbaijan

Area of expertise: politics and foreign relations of Azerbaijan

Kamala Imranli-Lowe

Kamala Imranli-Lowe is historian, Centre for Russian, Eurasian and European Studies, The University of Birmingham.

Area of expertise: history of the South Caucasus.

Murad Ismayilov

Murad Ismayilov is development expert, the University of Cambridge.

Area of expertise: social stratification and class; public sector reform (particualrly education and healthcare); Islam and Islamic activism; nationalism, identity and state-society relations; foreign policy in the South Caucasus with special emphasis on Azerbaijan.

 Fuad Tairov

Fuad Tairov is Director and Senior Research Fellow at the International Center for Social and Marketing Research (ICSMR), Baku, Azerbaijan 

Area  of expertise:  ethno-politics in Azerbaijan