http://www.iwpr.net/centasia  Institute for War and Peace Reporting (a London-based independent analytical network with the focus on wars and conflicts across the world).  

http://www.crisisgroup.org International Crisis Group (a Brussels-based international think tank dealing with conflicts and civil wars across the world).

http://caa-network.org Central Asian Analytical Network (a Washington-based international network of scholars and experts on Central Asia).

http://www.eastview.com EastView Information Services (Analysis by the US-based information services).  

https://eurasianet.org   EurasiaNet (an analytical information on Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Volga-Urals by Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York).

http://www.forum18.org   Forum 18 (a Norwegian Christian human rights organisation dealing with religious freedom in the ex-USSR).

www.hrw.org Human Rights Watch (a USA-based international non-government organisation with the focus on human rights in the former USSR).

http://ceftus.org London-based Centre for Turkey studies

http://central-eurasia.com Centre for the Study of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Volga-Urals (Institute of Oriental Studies, RAN).

https://www.al-monitor.com An independent academic analysis and journalist reporting on the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Iran

http://news.ferghana.ru Ferghana.Ru (Russian Information Agency on Central Asia).

http://www.centrasia.ru Centralasia.ru (Russian News on Central Asia).

http://islamreview.ru Islam Review (a Russian information network on Islam in Eurasia).

http://www.harakat.net Harakat (Uzbekistan Independent News Agency).

http://www.gov.uz   Uzbekistan Government Official Portal.

http://nuz.uz Uzbekistan News (an Uzbekistan Official Information News).

http://www.islam.uz Islam Uzbekistan (an official Islamic website affiliated to the Islamic Directorate of Uzbekistan).

http://www.din.gov.kz Religious Affairs Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan (An official site).

http://muftiyat.kg   Official website of the muftiiate of Kyrgyzstan.

http://www.region.kg     Kyrgyzstan’s Analytical Centre ‘Region.KG’.

http://kyrtag.kg   Kyrgyz Telegraph Agency ‘Kyrtag’.

http://www.erkin.net Erkin Net/Free Turkmenistan (UTOD website).